STOREWIDE SALE!!! Everything FREE or 25L$!!!

As you all know my favorite thing about being in SL is the fashion!! I just LOVE dressing my avi up, altering my style and appearance to create a particular look or character. For this reason I love fantasy apparel its so fun for me to be someone or something else for a day or even just a small part of it. So,  if your a fantasy fanatic like me, or even if your just someone who likes to get dressed up like a fairy princess once in awhile ….then your going to want to listen up, because this ones for you sister!!! One of my absolute favorite stores in all of SL is having a HUGE SALE with everything in the entire store available for 25L or free!! The recent and most current designs are priced wayyyyy down and available to anyone for the remarkably low price of 25L$, while some of the older original designs and past lucky chair items are being given out free to group members (50L$ to join). I nearly fainted when I found out about this sale, what a generous offer for such exquisite apparel! While I had several of her outfits in my inventory already….after taking advantage of the ongoing sale I’m certain I’ve now got at least one of everything shes ever released. To make sure I get you down there I’m going to show you some of the things I picked up.  The following can all be found in the 25L section of the store right here  …..In spirit of the season lets start off with “The Christmas Angel” 25L$

Next we have the sexy “Gold Sin Silks” 25L$


Another favorite of mine the “feather Fairy in White” I love these wings because you have the option to wear the animated ones with the falling feathers which I show here 25L$


This design below is the “Brown Elysia Dress” 25L$


“The Silver Bead Silks” 25L$


“The Forgotten Fairy” in pink 25L$


Here is one of the items available for Free to Group Members – the “Constance Dress” in Green …I blogged this one back in March when I won it as a lucky chair prize but was happy to grab it for Free in all the other available colors (green, red, pink and grey – ALL FREE)


Also blogged earlier this year were the “Light Goddess Silks” back when they had first been released.  I remember how excited I had been to find them at an event on sale for only a couple hundred L$ compared to what these outfits usually go for upwards of 500L….and now even better you can score this classic design for only 25L!!!!  I still can’t get over it!!!

Light Goddess Silks from Angelwing Fashion
Since I walked away with so much I’ve only really showed you some of my favorites just to give you an idea of how worthwhile this super sale is….but to see everything you’ll definitely have to take a trip down there for yourself!! With that in mind….here is a TP that will land you just in front of the 4 rooms with all of the newest releases that are priced down to just 25L
…and this TP will drop you off right in front of the other 4 rooms full of the Free items for group members (50L$ to join)
**Don’t forget to look around…there is an upstairs and a downstairs with a total of 8 different rooms throughout the entire store….have fun and go crazy!! Because even with as much as you end up getting you’ll still probably be spending less then you normally would have to for just one of these stunning designs!!
OUTFITS – Angelwing Storewide Sale everything 25L or Free(0L) to Group Members (50L to join) –

HAIR – D!VA : “Naomi – cats eye” Group Gift 2nd flr (FREE/0L) –



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